ODIN AI digital platform leverages Symbiotic Mesh AI (SMAI) and integrates AI algorithms seamlessly, using: 


HYGIEIA enterprise mobile app embedded with the EMU Cognitive Mapper improves workforce collaboration and safety through:  


TERRA is our DE solution to achieve a robust energy future, a healthy planet, and economic use and reuse of resources. TERRA Intelligent Calculation Engine (TICE) ensures end-to-end optimization across all scopes: supply chain, GHG tracking, certifications and reductions. Our solution is powered by AI and leverages our Advanced Environomics Model (AEM) for cleanly sculpting the use and re-use of resources.


Do you want to us to build your own custom building block leveraging the expertise of the DE team for predictive planning, logistics optimization or workforce effectiveness? We develop groundbreaking technology for industry, whether it is a solution owned by us, in partnership with us, or for our clients to commercialize on their own. 

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