Digital Energy was created by visionary founding entrepreneurs in Dubai in 2016

After many years in the Energy Industry, the founders identified the need for efficient business solutions driven by technology to deliver long term gains for clients predominantly through Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.
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Establishing an impressive team of experienced energy Industry professionals

the Digital Energy dream was born. Now empowering some of the world’s leading energy companies as their clients, Digital Energy has delivered stellar growth since its inception.

Our core values of integrity, transparency and precision

set us apart from our industry peers and allow us to deliver an outstanding level of engagement, delivering benefits to our clients not synonymous to the technology sector.

We are Digital Artists orchestrating a Digital Industrial Symphony - and our Customers agree.

What makes us unique?


The energy value chain is continually increasing in complexity, making it impossible for individuals to maintain a clear overview throughout the value chain from extraction to consumption. Understanding and interpreting this data deluge, therefore, it is paramount to an energy company’s long term success.


Collectively we have over a hundred years experience merged with cutting edge digital competency and fundamentally understand the problems facing energy companies. We also understand data and how to put it to work for your organization. Together, we have the precision and skill to design and implement efficient solutions that simply work; solving our client’s most complex problems in the most elegant way


Digital Energy understand that a company’s operational success depends on having and understanding the right data. Together we are improving current and future operations by using artificial intelligence to model efficiencies in safe digital twin environments to create better, more efficient, and safer operations

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