Corporate Social Responsibility

How to help the koalas and Australia

09 JAN 2020

The team at Digital Energy is committed to ensuring the spread of accurate information. We have identified the spread of misinformation from many sources ranging from social media and clickbait websites.  

We want to contribute in bringing correct awareness to the current Australian bushfire crisis and provide assistance in bringing the public right to the source of the information. As well as recommending aid foundations that will be able to provide assistance and support to heroes on the ground fighting to protect Australia and the animals that have been impacted the most. 

The following is a satellite image supplied by NASA that shows the current impact of the Australian bushfires. It is not an enhanced or altered image. You can clearly see how widespread the impact of the fires and smoke really is. 

This NASA satellite image shows the extent of Australia’s devastating wildfires – Charlotte Jee, MIT Technology Review

The following is an informative infographic from 2018 by the Australian Koala foundation, that shows the koala populations across the south eastern parts of Australia.

Bob’s Map 2018,

If we take the statistics from this credible source, we are able to compare it with the estimated loss of the koala population as reported on by the Earth twitter account:

The Earth twitter page have reported that an estimated 8000 koalas have been lost to the fires in the New South wales area. We can therefore see that this is between 11,550 and 16,130. Which totals to between 49% and 69% of the New South Wales population. We have therefore potentially lost between 9% and 16% of the total koala population. This is a world crisis and we need to provide as much aid and support as possible. 

Sentiment Analysis

One of Digital Energy’s talents is being able to gather information from credible sources and run analytics on the content that we gather. We crafted our analysis in a visual representation that is easy to understand by the general public. Below you will find, ranked by size, the most commonly used words gathered from over 1000 tweets. As you can see from the image, the general public is discussing “Australia”, “Koalas”, “Fires” and “Help” in a majority of their tweets.

We are then able to create analytical studies on the data we have collected to show a general ranking of positivity/negativity around these tweets. We can see from the data that we have visualized that we have an even spread across the data. This shows us that the public is both concerned and moved by the difficult times while also trying to have a positive outlook on how we are able to support Australia in its animals in their time of need.


We would therefore like to recommend the following foundations as donation points that will actually provide aid as quick as possible:

The tweet above outlines a digital way of donating with the power of cryptocurrency that will be able to provide support directly to the firefighters on the ground.

We would also like to recommend the following organizations to ensure that no fraudulent parties are receiving critical aid and support: