Is Your Home Smarter
Than Your Business Operations?

At Digital Energy we solve complex value chain problems by embedding efficiencies in AI-powered solutions. We create innovative tools for industrial planning, supply chain optimization and work execution.

Make Your Digital Work for You

With our tools, clients have achieved:
  • Ability to run complex pricing calculations and commercial forecasts in seconds rather than days.
  • Ability to generate Integrated plans in minutes, not weeks or months.
  • Improved logistic operations through reduction of fuel costs, fleet and warehouse optimization.
  • Improved delivery times across many sectors, increasing customer satisfaction and creating more profit.
  • Enhanced visibility of operations through advanced safety modelling, leading to a decrease in near misses and incidents. Enhanced communication and alerting of safety incidents.
  • Increased management and field inspection efficiency by 100 percent, with measurably improved quality control and assurance.

Energy-Driven Purpose

We count some of the world’s leading industrial companies as our clients, and we’ve revolutionized the standard operating model within the engineering and logistics space, fleet managers in the marine space, and operators in the water, power and oil and gas space.

Our work brings transformational value in the essential areas of predictive planning, supply chain optimization, and workforce effectiveness.

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